There are currently over 350 suppliers with over 750 catalogues on MyCaboodle and this is continually increasing. You can help by letting suppliers know that MyCaboodle is a useful tool for you and recommending they contact us.

eCatalogues are Flash driven so you cannot copy text or images from them. However, each eCatalogue carries the source PDF file which you may download. You can then copy images and text from the downloaded PDF file.

We understand information currency is critical to you so the date of update for each eCatalogue and associated PDF file is indicated on MyCaboodle. We are in regular contact with suppliers to verify and update information to ensure its currency.

Yes, we encourage you to advise us of the name and contact details of suppliers you would like included on MyCaboodle. We will approach the suppliers and ask them to consider having their catalogues included on MyCaboodle.

No, when you register for MyCaboodle, you will be asked if you would like to receive news and updates from MyCaboodle. You may choose not to receive the news and updates.

You may choose a package that best fits your needs - a basic listing without a catalogue is free.

That’s up to you. MyCaboodle is not designed to completely do away with hard copy catalogues but it will enable you to minimise the space your library consumes by keeping only minimal catalogues and product samples.

You may subscribe to alerts for particular catalogues in the “My Workspace” section of MyCaboodle.

No, we can merge several PDF files into one eCatalogue or PDF file. You just need to tell us what order they go in.

PDF is the preferred file option for easy inclusion.

Yes, there is no cost to include your company logo on MyCaboodle.

It is imperative that your information and catalogue be as up-to-date as possible. The specifiers rely on the currency of information and you may update your information as necessary. We will contact you every three (3) months to verify that your information is current and arrange for any necessary updates.

Yes, you can but the research we have done has indicated that one large catalogue is better than many small brochures or catalogues.

All eCatalogues will have basic navigation included free of charge. You may supply your PDF file with included bookmarks, which are automatically converted into a table of contents in your eCatalogue at no cost. Should you wish us to add a more detailed table of contents, some charges apply. Please contact us for a quote.